- 2018 -


An experimental rock climbing space inspired by the simple action of dropping rocks through horizontal planes.

The project began with a rather playful approach with no design or user in mind but instead experimenting with the material, aluminum foil.

After handling the material I realized crushing the foil resulted in a very organic rock like formation but its rigidity allowed for this organic reaction to be controlled to some extent, thus I set out to find a use for this material which was the perfect compromise between natural and man made. 

Current indoor rock climbing spaces are lacking in many aspects in comparison to climbing in nature. This bouldering space design brings back the spontaneity of natural rock formations and feeds the puzzle like nature of rock climbing. I also noticed current indoor spaces do not allow for the climber to experience the achievement of reaching the top which is why this space is divided vertically into levels one can climb too. Another feature I wanted to include was to make the space exploratory, thus allowing regulars to find their own favorite space while keeping the experience exciting every time.

Formations constructed by brushing clear resin on aluminum foil and white spray paint. 



Initial crushed foil studies.

Rock drop studies.


During the process I moved towards a silhouette inspired by a downward force but realized it was taking away from the main idea of tears through horizontal stacked levels which resulted in a more rectilinear final form.