OUnit is a news app developed to encourage seeing the entire human population as a single unit.


The app keeps count of the total population and number of deaths per day enabling consumers to perceive the human population as one unit. If we see ourselves thriving, surviving and functioning as a single organism, we can begin to resolve a lot of the issues we face at a global level. This includes but is not limited too misdistribution of food and resources, climate change and the refugee crises.

Inability to solve universal issues at an international level reflects a lack of empathy. Rather than being divided into countries or ethnicities we see the human race as one unit.  

This app would thrive in a world where there is a desire for products that meet existential needs. Although fully functional, I know there is no market for such a product because this jarring reminder attacks human sensitivities. However, that is the point. The app is designed in anticipation of a time period where consumers readily accept tools to build a better future.

What would have to change for a need like this to emerge?

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The app is focused around a single figure applicable to all. Users from different parts of the world are encouraged to accept shared responsibility. By keeping an eye on this number a user in New York City, for example, shares equal concern with an individual suffering from drought across the globe.

These constantly rising statistics are provided by Worldometer, a trusted source, which when connected with the internet is instantaneously updated.

Current events listed in order of which caused the most number of deaths on a monthly basis, irrelevant of the economic or political importance of the country.

The location is given in latitude - longitude coordinates to avoid thinking in terms of countries and cities.

News about the event can be organized in three ways: one by the articles which receive most traffic on the internet, two the channels the user visits the most and three the saved articles.

This app provides an opportunity for the user to step out of their news and social media echo chambers. 

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When deciding to tackle this problem my ideation began with a wearable product but I soon realized incorporating the design into something that already exists would be more practical. The app comes with a widget option so the population counter is constantly visible as it would have been in a watch or other wearable product.